Are you in need of professional legal help, but are worried about costs? Don’t be. Getting help and advice from a lawyer may be much more affordable than you anticipate. As a modern and progressive firm, Fourlion Legal believe in making quality legal services accessible to the whole community. That is why we offer affordable rates, payment arrangements (with security) and fixed fee options for certain types of simple matters, so you can keep your expenses under control.

First Appointment
$385 (incl GST)

Your first appointment of up to one hour will be a face to face interview at our conveniently located office or, alternatively we are happy to conduct a phone or skype interview. During this appointment, after which you have no obligation to continue, we will listen to you carefully, assess the merit of your case, and let you know what action/defence (if any) is available. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and show us any relevant documentation or evidence you believe is important. We will begin to outline a strategy for getting you the result tailored to your circumstances. This strategy may include consulting a barrister.

Continued Representation

If after your first appointment you feel confident in us representing you, we will be more than happy to take on your matter. From negotiating with the other party or parties, to preparing your case, going to Court and beyond, we will be with you all the way. We can also take care of other process including retaining counsel (a barrister), other requisite experts (such as accountants to calculate damages payable to you) and as we have a registered migration agent we can even offer immigration services/advice.

If possible, we try to provide a fixed fee quote that includes all of our professional costs. If for some reason we cannot (for example litigation matters), we will provide you with a costs estimate and information about the billing process so you can make an informed decision. Our hourly rates for solicitors and paralegals are reviewed every 6 months in January and July.

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