We believe in social justice and that even those who otherwise do not have any means of achieving a just and equitable result for their legal issue is given an opportunity to do so. Depending on our capacity we undertake matters that are referred to us through the Law Society’s Access to Law Pro-Bono Referral Scheme.

We also take part in the Law Society’s and Murdoch University’s Mock Trial Competitions and engage with local schools by giving presentations and seminars to students to help with their legal education.

One of our more recent pro-bono cases involved a lady diagnosed with terminal cancer who was not granted a medical treatment visa. We have submitted a plea to Minister for Immigration and Border Protection for Ministerial Intervention. We are awaiting an outcome.

Banking & Finance Litigation
Our client is an unsophisticated borrower who on the advice of her negligent broker fell into the trap of borrowing more money than what she could afford to repay. We acted for her in relation to her application to stay the execution of the judgement with respect to the mortgagee’s right to sell her property.

Criminal Law
We have been assisting the family of a person charged under the Misuse of Drugs Act (WA) with respect to manufacturing of a prohibited drugs. The accused has a history of psychiatric issues and we have been liaising with the family to arrange rehabilitation for the accused.