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It is incredibly easy to become unstuck with the vast amount of red tape that surrounds the settlement of buying, selling, subdividing or transferring a property. With the overarching, interconnected and confusing responsibilities that must be observed at various intervals in order to progress with the process, it is almost impossible to complete without assistance from an agent – or, if you do attempt it on your own, avoid it greatly extending your schedule.

Here at FourLion Legal, we are committed to providing greater ease through this major milestone in your life. Property settlements usually surround momentous changes happening around us, and we appreciate that there is no need to sour happy moments, or further exacerbate hard times, by inundating yourself with excessive paperwork. If you are operating out of Perth or Fremantle, our lawyers are more than ready to handle all the heavy lifting on the legal side of your property settlement.

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Agents offering a range of property settlement services in Perth & Fremantle

Since 2013, our property lawyers have acted as settlement agents assisting the residents of Perth and Fremantle by providing advice on:

  • The Pros and Cons of selling, buying, subdividing, and transferring
  • Tax implications
  • Processes of approval
  • Restrictive covenants and easements
  • Council and building restrictions
  • Additional related paperwork for a property

Every property settlement is unique, with different obligations and procedures that must be met. Any good agent will tell you it is essential not to apply a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and instead tailor any and all assistance to meet the client’s needs. The lawyers at FourLion Legal do just that. We will make you aware of any laws, restrictions, or issues that may affect your specific situation, so you are not only protected at the completion of the settlement, but in the future, as well.

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