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Faulty Car

Our client purchased a luxury car from a reputed dealership in Queensland. The car failed to perform as advertised and our client requested an authorised Perth dealership to resolve the issues with the vehicle. Over a 5 year period our client went back and forth with the dealership but the issue remained unresolved. We assisted our client to achieve a satisfactory resolution with the dealership which resulted in a payment of damages to our client.

Retaining Wall and Dividing Fence

Our client renovated their house and replaced the old retaining wall with a new one. The retaining wall also functioned as a dividing fence. The neighbours had initially agreed to share the cost but later refused to meet on this commitment. We assisted our client to successfully seek judgement against the neighbours to contribute to the build of the wall.

Art Fraud

Our client purchased a painting by a famous artist from an art dealer who represented the painting to be an authentic original. Later our client found out that the purchased painting was in fact a duplicate of the original artwork. We assisted our client by successfully arguing that they were misled by the art dealer and obtaining an order to reimburse the cost of the painting.

Destroy Dog Order

Our clients owned two dogs to whom they were very emotionally attached. One day their dogs were found in the neighbour’s backyard with significant injuries inflicted on the neighbour’s dog. A Magistrate ordered the dogs be destroyed. We assisted our client to argue the case in a Supreme Court appeal that the Magistrates Court had not given enough thought regarding the possibility of rehabilitating the dogs. We managed to win the appeal which resulted in the setting aside of the previous Magistrate’s Order and opened avenues for a new trial. At the new trial we assisted our clients to obtain an order to save their dogs and they have now been happily reunited.

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